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Holiday Hazards & Winter Safety Tips for Pets from Trupanion

Protect those paws: Ice melt products are commonly used on sidewalks and driveways in colder months. Monitor your pet’s paws for any irritation and consider booties for extended walks.

Deck the halls (safely): Our feline friends can’t resist playing with ribbons, tinsel and string lights. Keep these out of reach to avoid accidental ingestion or internal blockage.

Baby, it’s too cold outside: When it’s too chilly outside, consider indoor activities for your dog like search games, puzzle toys, or puppy play dates! Wander in a winter wonderland Prepare for cold-weather hikes by bringing a collapsible dish with water and ensuring your pet’s ID is up-to-date. Be sure your pet is kept warm!

Whining for wine: Alcohol is toxic to pets, so be sure to keep any celebratory drinks out of your curious pet’s reach.

Store your antifreeze, please: Antifreeze can become a toxic emergency. Keep pets away from any and all automotive fluids and check your car for any leaks.

Give the gift of a lifetime and ask your veterinarian about Trupanion’s Exam Day Offer at your next visit!



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