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Covid19 Update April 26, 2021

With the recent restrictions and more case numbers we need to remind all clients that curbside service is available as an option and will be required in some cases.

Any clients with appointments with us that live outside of the Valley will be required to do curbside service.

Anyone coming inside our waiting room is required to be wearing a face covering over nose and mouth and use hand sanitizer upon entry at the door.

We still have a maximum of 3 customers only allowed in the waiting area. Sometimes during a busy spurt some people may have to wait their turn outside. We also have to limit the number of family to one person coming in with their pet.

Noone is allowed inside if : you have been in HRM or with anyone from HRM; you should be self-isolating; you have any Covid19 symptoms; you are awaiting Covid19 test results; you are sick with anything that could be contagious.

We have one team here and we are trying to be as careful as possible so that we can still be here to provide health care for your pets. Please be honest and don't put anyone at risk. Hopefully we will get this under control quickly.

Thank you for your continued cooperation during these trying times!


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