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Coastal Care Emergency Hospital is Open Jan 8 2024

To Our Valued Clients of the Wolfville Animal Hospital:

As mentioned in the email that was sent out previously, we have teamed up with Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Referral Hospital in Halifax located at 168 Hobsons Lake Drive (Bayers Lake-Halifax) phone number 1-902-703-2323. They are now operational.  All of our after hours emergencies will be directed to this hospital. 

This is a brand new state of the art emergency and referral hospital that is equipped with trained emergency medical teams, advanced imaging, 24 hour care availability, full ICUs, and veterinary blood bank just to name a few things.

While we realize that this is a longer drive for our clients, we feel that the quality and expertise of care that this hospital will be able to provide will be exceptional for our patients that require emergency services. Just like your family doctor, we (the veterinarians at the Wolfville Animal Hospital) are general practitioners and just like our human ER departments the animal patients at this veterinary emergency center will be triaged and there will be wait times- the most critical will be seen first.  This is a triage based system the same as it is in the human ER department. 

During regular business hours, we are trying to ensure that our sick and injured patients are given priority…however depending on the caseload and staffing we want to make sure that clients are aware that they may be referred to the emergency center during the day for emergency care. 

After hours if you are unsure if your pet is having an urgent or emergent problem please call Coastal Care at 1-902-703-2323.  

The second emergency clinic in Dartmouth (Maritime Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center) is not yet open, we will update once they are open - anticipating March 2024.  We are very excited to be able to work with both of these emergency center teams to help alleviate the strain on the veterinary industry at this time.  

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with this matter.

WAH Care Team



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