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Ragdoll Cat

Our Services

We offer a number of Veterinary services. If you have any questions on the services we offer, please call (902)542-3422 for more information.

Wellness Exams

Don't forget about your pets annual wellness exams. They need checkups too. Also a good time to talk about parasite treatments!


Routine surgeries, emergency surgeries and more on all companion animals.

Some complicated surgeries may need to be referred to a specialist.

Emergency Care

If you are in need of Emergency Veterinary care after hours, please call Coastal Care Veterinary Emergency and Referral Center. 

Maritime Veterinary Emergency and Specialty Center

If you call within 30 minutes of closing time you will be directed to Coastal Care. This could also happen during our regular business hours depending on our case load.


Radiography is a valuable diagnostic tool we provide here at the Wolfville Animal Hospital.  Using safe and regularly monitored equipment we are able to take x-rays of your pets!  This gives us the capability to see the bones, heart, genitourinary, gastrointestinal tract, and respiratory tract or your pet.  We can use radiography routinely and in emergency situations.


We now offer abdominal ultrasound.

Please ask your veterinarian if this diagnostic tool would be beneficial for your pet.

Groomer has moved.
Some basic dematting services still available.

We Groom Fur Friends,

Dawn Noakes has moved to New Minas. 

Her email:

Phone number: (902) 692-9434


Microchips are a permanent form of ID that will help you identify your pet if lost and then found.


We base our vaccine protocol on risk and exposure specific to your pet. Please call to book an appointment to discuss with one of our Doctors.

Dental Care

Does your pet have bad breath? Bad breath isn't just unpleasant, its unhealthy!  Up to 80% of dogs & 70% of cats that do not receive proper dental care may show signs of dental disease by the age of 3! 

We now have digital dental xray!

Dental score is part of your cat or dog's health exam. The veterinarian will let you know if a dental cleaning and/or extractions are recommended for your pet.

Other Diagnostics

Other diagnostics that we offer include; urinalysis, fecal-analysis, blood work, microscopic analysis, parasite identification, and minor dermatology.


Our veteriarians are comparable to a general practitioner. If a case is more involved then it may be recommeded that you be reffered to a specialist to get the best care possible for your pet.

Our Grooming Services

Our technicians are able to do limited pet grooming and de-matting. Many cats require some sedation which

can also involve health exams and bloodwork.

We can also book pedicures  with our technicians for our patients. 

You can call us to inquire about those. 902 542 3422.

What Our Clients Say

Cat's Nose

"Very friendly staff and they always try their best to get you in within a reasonable time. They're overworked and deserve some recognition for their hard work. Thank you for all that you have done for us and our boys."

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