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Stay with one Regular Veterinary Hospital

Let's discuss reasons why you need to have your own regular veterinary hospital.

Veterinary hospitals across North America are in crisis.

Many are short staffed, many are experiencing shortages due to illness or burnout and most have increased their client/patient load drastically over the last couple of years. We have had to set some rules and boundaries that we didn't have to before. We want to make sure that if we take someone on as a client we have the ability to see them for regular appointments and provide emergency afterhours care to all of our patients as well.

None of us wish to see any pet in pain or distress, however, it is unfair to ask a veterinarian to take on a serious case simply because one hospital cannot see them as soon as they would like or another may be open later than others.

Every veterinary hospital has emergency services available for their clients. If you are traveling outside of your vet hopstal's area then plan ahead to make sure you know where the closest emergency vet hospital is and make arrangements prior to your trip.

Some people who have pet's with serious health conditions call ahead and aske to be added temprarliy and have their previous records sent in case they may be needed. Also, make sure you have adequate supply of any special food and medications.

Another reason you may not have thought of to stay with one regular veterinary hospital is that your pet's history is stored at your veterinary hospital. veterinarians do not have access to each other's records unless each file is sent by request. Veterinarians can see things like adverse reactions to medications, previous concerns, and full physical history. If you move from one hospital to another this information gets scattered around. There are things noted in these documents that you may not know but your veterinarian needs to know.

If we meet your pet for the first time in an emergency state valuable time is spent collecting medical history that would have already been in the file if you were at your own hospital. This could be precious time in a true life or death emergency. Iit truly is in the best interest of your pet's health to maintain a relationship with one veterinary hospital to avoid missing things. This is called the VCPR (Vet/Client/ Patient/relationship) which we will discuss in the future.

Just as in the human world, you get a family doctor (if you're lucky enough to find one) and you stay there. If you have en emergency you go to the emergency room at the hospital, not to another family doctor.

Times have changed drastically in the veterinary industry and we are trying to do what is best for our valued clients and patients and our loyal and dedicated employees.

We thank everyone for their cooperation and understanding with new policies which will help ensure that every pet gets the best health care possible.


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