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Let's Talk Ticks!!

Deer Tick


Did you know the black legged deer tick is indeed the tick that carries lyme disease!

Lyme disease signs in your dog could include:

  • lameness/limping

  • kidney problems

  • lack of appetite

  • depression

  • fever

Ticks can now be found in many areas across Canada!

As soon as the temperature rises to 4°C and above ticks are active and looking for a blood meal.

When it comes to Lyme disease it only takes from 24-48 hours to transmit.


Vaccinate - Take your dog to your veterinarian and talk about exposure to Lyme disease and discuss the Lyme vaccine.

Monthly/Tri-Monthly Prevention - You can pick up tick prevention from your closest Veterinary practice or clinic.

Over the counter product: K9 Advantix

Prescription product: Bravecto, Nexguard & Revolution

Tick Checks - Do tick checks every day on you and your pet!


When removing ticks it is very important to make sure you get the head of the tick out of the skin. To insure this happens, try using a tick twister.

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