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September is Pet Health Insurance Month

September is Pet Health Insurance Month There are many companies that offer per health insurance and some have different levels of coverage. We have information for 3 main companies: Petsecure, Petplusus and Trupanion . We support the idea of clients having pet insurance for their pets. It helps people to pay for illness visits or emergencies or even planned medical procedures. Below we will share some interesting information about pet health insurance which was provided to us by Petsecure.

History of Pet Health Insurance

It all began back in 1890 as a type of farm insurance for mostly horses, cattle, and livestock. “True Pet Insurance” started in Sweden 1924 with its first policy for a dog. In 1945 it made its way over to Great Britain and across Europe. It was first introduced to North America 35 years later in 1982 with the famous Lassie dog. 100 years after pet insurance was incepted, Canada joined the market and offered pet Insurance in 1989. The story of Petsecure Pet health Insurance also began in 1989. We are proudly a Canadian owned and operated brand of insurance underwritten by Petline Insurance.

Why is North America only at 3% compared to our European insured pet owners?

Several European cities and countries mandate pet insurance as a requirement. In the UK, clinics will often only take insured clients versus non-insured. Insurance is bundled to offer home, auto, and pet insurance. Don’t let the North American 3% average slow you down – there are many veterinary clinics across Canada that have 10-25% of insured clients. How did they get there? It didn’t happen overnight, but they make it a priority to talk about pet insurance as part of their financial preparedness conversation. Your veterinarian may speak to you about pet insurance durng one of your visits. We have brochures for the three companies mentioned above. We often have trials available to try which is a good way to get an introductory to pet insurance. pet insurance can help you provide the best possible care for your pets.


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