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Examining and assessing your pet’s mouth, teeth and gums is a standard part of

veterinary yearly checkups.

February is #PetDentalHealth month.

Below are a few benefits of routine dental care:

• A pain-free mouth with fresh breath.

• A decrease in tooth loss, gum disease and need for extractions

• Prevention of complications from heart, liver, and kidney disease.

• Early intervention for oral and throat cancers.

If signs of dental problems are present during your pets’ checkup, an extensive exam

that includes dental x-rays will be required to assess the issue. Major extractions can

double if not triple the cost of a dental procedure. An exam could identify:

• Broken or loose teeth

• Extra teeth or retained baby teeth

• Discoloured teeth

• Bad breath

• Plaque or tartar buildup

• Swelling, pain, or bleeding in

or around the mouth

• Abnormal chewing, drooling,

or food dropping

• Reduced appetite or refusing

to eat

If you have any concerns about your pet's dental health please conact us to schedule a health exam.


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