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Covid19 update March 21 2022

With Covid restrictions easing on March 21 we are making some adjustments in our policies.

As of March 21, 2022 our waiting room will be open, but with flexibility and an eye to keeping crowding to a minimum.

We ask that you have patience and still be prepared on the off chance you may need to wait outside until the waiting area is clear.

We still encourage phone orders for food and prescription medications and will still continue to accept payments over the phone or via e-transfer.

Mask mandates are lifting but we are still in a pandemic and properly worn masks are a big help in preventing disease transmission.

We encourage and recommend clients to continue to mask but understand that we are moving toward living with Covid and everyone doing what is comfortable for themselves.

Having said that, our exam rooms are small spaces and both the clients and staff members in those rooms will have varying levels of comfort.

Masks will still be mandatory for clients who wish to accompany their pet into the exam rooms.

Staff will be wearing their masks as well. There is no way we can all be 6 feet apart within these smaller spaces. We are deemed an essential service and want to stay as safe as possible so that we can be there for our clients and their pets.

Please be patient and kind to your fellow humans.

For those who do not wish to wear a mask you are free to stay in the waiting area while your pet is in the exam room with our staff.

We ask that you please continue to use the hand sanitizer provided on entry. If you are experiencing any symptoms please let us know so we can make arrangements to keep everyone safe and healthy. Stay happy, stay healthy!


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