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Image by Erik Karits

When They're Active

Ticks are active at 4 degrees Celsius and above. All ticks including the blacklegged tick  that is linked to lyme disease  can be active on mild days even in the winter months. Just because it is the colder months does not mean they have gone away.  

Image by Erik Karits

What They Spread

The most commonly known  disease spread is Lyme disease but more recently we have seen a lot more cases of Anaplasmosis.  There are currently 7 tick-borne diseases present in Canada. Be sure to educate yourself on the types of ticks your animal can be exposed to.

Image by Erik Karits

What You Can Do

Treat your animal with monthly preventatives as well as keeping your pet up to date on their lyme vaccine. A simple 4DX blood test can determine if your dog has been exposed to  tick-borne diseases the same blood test also detects if they are heart worm positive.


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