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Crate Training?

Interested in crate training? Getting different information from everyone you know? Need a reliable source?  Veterinary Partner is the reliable source that you can trust to help you on the path to success with crate training! After clicking the button below search in their search bar "Crate Training"! Its that simple!

Meet: Winn Feline Foundation!!

We are introducing you to the Winn Feline Foundation a trusted, reliable and veterinarian recommended website.  This website is dedicated to the health and welfare of all cats!

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Valley Veterinarians Limited.

Tammi Parnell

Madison Firth

Bonnie Richardson

Receptionist and vet assistant

Established with WAH in 2020

Bonnie is friendly and efficient  and takes great care of our clients . She love to hike with her dog Jem in her spare time

Established with WAH in June 2020

Tammi has always loved animals  and has a background as a veterinary assistant. Her hobbies include jigsaw puzzles and beach time and she has lived in the valley all her life.

Established with WAH in 2020

Madison came to us as a summer student and is staying on while studying at Acadia is hoping to enroll in vet school in the future!